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Provided by NEVER HAPPENED Paintless Dent Removal in Jacksonville

Aluminum Panel - stronger material which makes removal of dents more difficult, various material can be used in the construction of a vehicle.

Best Possible - Term used when of dent due to accessibility and severity of damage, technician can not gauge 100% outcome or result however will estimate accordingly and do the best possible job to remove as much of the dent to a NEVER HAPPENED state.

Body Line - The distinct sharp bend of metal making the exterior shape of vehicle.

Bondo / Mud - The compound used by most body shops to fill in dent used prior to repainting to return the exterior shape of vehicle.

Carfax History Report - The database mandated by law which keeps track of vehicle history to determine a vehicles worth.

Cracked or Damaged Paint - object harder than vehicle material is impacted causing a spider web finish to clear coat.

Crease - when the blade edge of an object strikes the vehicle leaving a line.

High Spot - Reverse dent, Most often occurs when a tool damages vehicle from interior.

Insurance Deductible - money paid to insurance company prior to insurance company allowing your car to be repaired.

Lease Turn back Charge - the amount of money charged back to a customer for damages to a lease vehicle. (i.e.- 1"-2" dent can incur charge up to $2500).

Missing Paint - no reflective surface left due to flaking or scarped off by object.

Molecular Memory - where metal alloys were crafted that were designed to return to a specific shape if heat was applied.

PDR - Paintless Dent Removal

Prior PDR - Prior Paintless Dent Removal that you may or may not be aware of that could have been a result of a difficult dent or technician lack of skill.

R & I - Remove and Install component of vehicle to access impact point of vehicle.

Repaint - A vehicle that has been body shopped, bondo, or repainted which a customer may or may not know about.

Shallow -  Often occurs when metal is pushed to extreme and no longer noticeable however still visible at the most extreme angle.

Oil Caning -
Metal which has been stretched to the point which it wants to either poke in or out causing a shallow impression or High Spot.